Helping you with your DEPPA post lockdown workflow. 

Now, more than ever, is the time to reinforce the personalised prevention message with your patients, letting them know what lifestyle factors they can control to reduce their risk of oral disease. Good oral hygiene is essential to overall health and wellbeing and supports the immune system.

The new evidence based international perio treatment guidelines emphasise the importance of stage 1 periodontal care which is changing patient behaviour, the Oral Health Foundation’s survey revealed that 38% of adults increased their snacking habits during lockdown with its associated caries and tooth wear risk, and whilst patients have limited ability to see you in person, it is really important to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of mouth cancer.

We have made some adjustments to DEPPA to help you in this challenging period:

1) To save time, you can now email a link for your patients to complete their part of the DEPPA assessment at home*. This provides a useful checklist for discussion in your pre-appointment triage. Remember your DEPPA patient reports can also be emailed to your patients after their appointment.

2) To identify which patients from your list are high risk and therefore need bringing back first, we have a new analysis which shows you a list of your patients by risk level.

3) If you are bringing back your patients for repeat assessments, you now have the option to upload the inputs from your prior assessment, meaning that you only have to make changes as appropriate, saving significant clinical time*.

4) And finally, we have provided a simple way to create DEPPA patient records in bulk by uploading details from an Excel spreadsheet.

Detailed instructions on how to use these new functions can be found by clicking on Guides . Or, if you would like any help or support with DEPPA, please let us know.

* not available through practice management software integrations.