Testimonials for DEPPA and PreViser


“Keen to re-start the DEPPAs following COVID-19, we discovered that you can now recall your inputs from a previous assessment.  This vastly reduced the time required to complete the DEPPAs, as you only need to alter any of the data that is different from your previous assessment.  

Emailing the patient their report avoids physical paper copy and you can attach the PDF to their computerised records for reference and evidence.

Practice makes perfect.  It is a straightforward assessment that can be completed with speed and efficiency, which improves the more that you carry out.

I find DEPPA an invaluable tool and an important part of my routine assessments”

“DEPPA is always well received by patients who feel the routine exam is well structured and has added value.  As a motivational tool it is unsurpassed: patients want to achieve higher scores.”

“At first it was an effort but now that I’ve done so many it really doesn’t take more than 5 minutes.  I am amazed at the patient response and they love it.  Very helpful addition to the exam and would recommend ALL dentists to use it”

“We can confidently complete a DEPPA alongside the exam in our 15-minute time frame.  In today’s litigious environment, if I have done a DEPPA and recorded it in Comms, and have communicated the results to the patient, they can never come back to me and say they had no idea they had gum disease for example.  I really value DEPPA within our practice and cannot imagine practicing without it now.”

“PreViser helps to clarify the patients’ role in the management of periodontal disease further as it focuses the conversation on ‘their’ risk factors and what ‘they’ can do to modify these. It puts the onus on them rather than their dental team…whilst still highlighting the role of the dental team in the process.”

“Our practice is a minimum intervention practice and it fits in very well with our ethos, however I like that oral health score questions about appearance and function are asked and that could be the way to start conversations about revenue”

“I thought I knew my patients well, having cared for many of them for over 24 years, but it was a revelation asking them the patient questions.  I had no idea that some of them were not using fluoride toothpaste or experiencing reflux for example.”

“You find out things they haven’t bothered to tell you before”

“Patients are realising that they have control of their degree of risk and can find this empowering. Several of our patients have stopped or reduced their smoking habit after receiving their DEPPA report”

“New patients regularly comment that their previous dentist did not do this which instantly makes us stand out as a practice”

“It’s easier to suggest preventive plans and gain patient acceptance when the evidence is right there in front of them”

“I LOVE my risk assessment tool!  It means my patients LISTEN to me and understand how the choices they make can impact on their own oral health.   It is absolutely worth the few minutes it takes once you get used to doing the assessments, for the motivated interested patient you will get!”