Crispian Scully OBE

Iain Chapple writes the following:

The word “Giant” is a term frequently over used in clinical academia; however, Crispian Scully is a genuine exception to that rule. Cris’s contribution to Oral Medicine and Dentistry in general was incredible and his track record of producing high quality and influential textbooks will, I suspect be unsurpassed. I discovered by chance that he was unwell, one late November several years ago, but he swore me to secrecy: he was a private man and above all a very proud man.

Crispian divided opinion; he loved to be controversial, but raised important and difficult issues, moving the agenda always forwards. He was inspirational, challenging, and incredibly industrious with a vitality that belied his 71 years, but he did not “bear fools lightly”. A razor sharp mind, clarity of thought and always innovating, he had a genuinely global impact throughout his long career. He became a friend in an odd sort of way, almost a soul mate and could be incredibly supporting and warm if he felt you were working hard and doing your best. I shall miss him hugely, if only for the daily e-mails keeping me on my toes, challenging me, and sharing his dry sense of humour and irony……no one could help but smile when an e-mail from Crispian arrived and you spend 5 minutes reading his signature line, the longest set of accolades I have ever witnessed.

Thank you Crispian for everything, you will live on in our thoughts and discussions and your legacy is one the dental world will revere for many many years to come. Rest in Peace.” – Professor Iain Chapple