Our Product Range

PreViser Corporation is the world’s leading developer of evidence based oral disease risk and health assessment technology. The technology forms the basis of our three products in the UK: PreViser, DEPPA and myDentalScore. Our approach is preventive: identifying and clearly communicating a patient’s risk of developing oral disease, and advising on the preventive steps that will secure their oral health going forward.

myDentalScore is an interactive patient questionnaire for your dental website.

PreViser and DEPPA are used in the dental surgery. Their online validated systems use data obtained from a routine dental examination to provide objective, reproducible scores that are simple to generate and which provide visual biofeedback to help motivate patients to take responsibility for their own oral health.

Key features are:

  • Immediate biofeedback of individualised risk and disease scores
  • A highly visual and motivational patient education system to engage patients in self-management
  • The ability to perform repeat analyses so patients and practitioners can track changes in risk and disease status in a simple, visual format
  • An objective oral healthcare recording system which provides patient and practitioner printouts to reduce the risk of medico legal challenge
  • A system that enables practitioners to map the risk and disease profile of their practice and therefore identify those patients requiring the most support and therefore resource


PreViser DEPPA mDS
On-line oral disease risk and health assessment tool for use in the dental practice Bespoke version of PreViser for Denplan Interactive patient risk assessment tool for your dental website
Patient data entry Optional Optional Yes
Clinician data entry Yes Yes No
Comprehensive oral health assessment: perio, caries, oral cancer and tooth surface loss Yes Yes Yes (excludes tooth surface loss)
Individual assessments for perio, caries and oral cancer Yes No No
Denplan Oral Health Score No Yes No
Fee banding guidance No Yes No
Colour coded reports for patient communication and motivation Yes Yes Yes
Comprehensive assessment for Young Patients No.  Only Caries risk assessment Yes No
Cost from £100 / month for a 1-2 dentist practice £100 / month for a 1-2 dentist practice FREE to Denplan Excel £75 / annum plus £50 set up fee. FREE for PreViser and DEPPA users