Dental Professionals

PreViser analytic software gives you an easy to use, objective and reproducible way to measure, understand, and communicate your patients’ risk and disease level as simple numeric scores.

With these scores, you can track changes in risk level and disease severity over time to evaluate the effectiveness of your care plan and outcomes.

Benefits to the Dental Professional

PreViser provides the dental professional with:

  • a diagnostic tool to enable you to categorise patients according to risk, thus helping to determine more objectively the nature of care plans and recall intervals
  • a novel and genuinely preventive approach to change the way you practice
  • The ability to engage patients in their own oral healthcare
  • Verification that the care plan being implemented is providing benefit for your patients by reducing risk and disease scores
  • Additional knowledge to help focus practice resources on those patients who need them the most
  • Reduction of medico legal risk: patients cannot say they have not been told

Understanding Risk

PreViser risk scores add the ‘third dimension’ to an understanding of patient needs, and differentiate between patients with the same current health/disease state, but who have varying probabilities of this state deteriorating.