For Educating Students

PreViser technology offers an easy-to-use and clinically validated method for identifying periodontal disease risk and describing a periodontal disease state, as well as a practical method for characterizing risk of caries, tooth wear, and oral cancer.

Teaching institutions across the UK and USA are using PreViser as a platform to show students how to quantifiably measure risk and disease and employ disease management concepts in the real world of clinical dentistry, as well as providing personalized biofeedback to educate and motivate patients to take greater responsibility for their own oral health.

The objective and reproducible risk and disease scores PreViser provides are being used by researchers to measure clinical conditions.

Oral Health Innovations Ltd offers free usage of PreViser technology to dental schools in the UK and Republic of Ireland.  PreViser is ideal for student use on iPads or other internet connected devices on patient clinics.  Our data security protocols have been through extensive review by  the Birmingham Community Health Foundation Trust and we are happy to share our documentation with you.

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