About Us

Oral Health Innovations Ltd

Oral Health Innovations Ltd (OHI Ltd) was established in 2007 as a joint venture with the University of Birmingham. OHI promotes innovative and validated technologies which focus on individualised biofeedback as a key tool in preventive oral care.

OHI Ltd holds the exclusive UK and Ireland licence for the provision of PreViser Risk and Disease assessment technology. We believe that PreViser will play a pivotal role in the transition of modern day dentistry from the surgical model of “repairing it when it’s broken”┬áto a medical model referred to frequently as the “wellness model”. This preventive approach identifies high risk patients before disease onset and facilitates both optimum care for the patient and optimum use of resources for the healthcare provider.

Profits of OHI Ltd are donated to the UK Oral and Dental Research Trust.


PreViser Corporation

PreViser Corporation is an information technology company, founded by dental clinicians for dental clinicians. Based in the state of Washington, PreViser Corporation provides web-enabled diagnostic support tools for dentists and dental hygienists.

Our purpose and passion is improving oral health care – including better outcomes, better communication, better decision-making, better targeting of resources to needs, better disease management, better productivity, and a reduction in oral health care costs.

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