Online tools to measure and communicate your patients’ risk of oral disease using simple numerical scores

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Are you with Denplan?  The DEnplan PreViser Patient Assessment is designed exclusively for you

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myDentalScore is PreViser’s new interactive tool for visitors to YOUR dental website

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With PreViser / DEPPA we have an extensive published evidence base on which we continue to build

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University Use

Dental schools across the UK/USA are using PreViser for undergraduate teaching

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Empower your patients
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Personalised biofeedback for prevention and behaviour change.

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May 2022

We will be at the Dentistry Show this Friday / Saturday and we would love to see you there!

DEPPA Oral Health report


Come and talk to us on Stand E95 by the Business Forum about what PreViser / DEPPA (the Denplan PreViser Patient Assessment) can do for your patients and your practice.

The future is risk-driven prevention and it’s digital. Keep ahead of the curve!

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July 2020

Helping you with your DEPPA post lockdown workflow. 

Now, more than ever, is the time to reinforce the personalised prevention message with your patients, letting them know what lifestyle factors they can control to reduce their risk of oral disease. Good oral hygiene is essential to overall health and wellbeing and supports the immune system.

The new evidence based international perio treatment guidelines emphasise the importance of stage 1 periodontal care which is changing patient behaviour, the Oral Health Foundation’s survey revealed that 38% of adults increased their snacking habits during lockdown with its associated caries and tooth wear risk, and whilst patients have limited ability to see you in person, it is really important to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of mouth cancer.

We have made some adjustments to DEPPA to help you in this challenging period: (more…)

June 2020

On return to practice after lockdown, you will need to minimise patient time in the waiting room.  We have facilitated this by creating a patient home assessment link to a survey which you can email to your patient to complete before their visit.  The questions focus on their lifestyle risk factors.  You can view their answers from your Unfinished Assessment page and use them as a basis of your discussion on their OH issues when making your triaging call.  Then complete the clinical elements of their comprehensive oral health assessment when they are in the surgery and email their report to them.  Why not also use the report as a basis for a review of their oral health care plan when you follow up after their visit?

Read how it works here:

PreViser patient home assessment link

Sheila Scott, Dental Consultant

I think Previser is one of the most exciting things ever to have happened to dentistry in the UK. It helps clinicians diagnose perio risks, and gives them a clear, evidence based and externally verified route for recommendations to manage those risks. Patients love it, and its a huge practice builder. Please talk to Liz about getting Previser into your practice.

Sheila Scott, Dental Consultant
Sheila Scott, Dental Consultant
GDC Standard 2.3

Give patients the information they need in a way they can understand so that they can make informed decisions.

GDC Standard 2.3
GDC Standard 2.3
Stephen Hancocks, Editor in Chief British Dental Journal, BDJ 2014 Vol 216

In terms of securing behaviour change, this oral health status scoring measure provides us with a tool not only to use in a daily, pragmatic and systematic way but also now with a centralised data recording system and cross validation against the most recent Adult Dental Health Survey.

Stephen Hancocks, Editor in Chief British Dental Journal, BDJ 2014 Vol 216
Stephen Hancocks, Editor in Chief British Dental Journal, BDJ 2014 Vol 216