Online tools to measure and communicate your patients’ risk of oral disease using simple numerical scores

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Are you with Denplan?  The DEnplan PreViser Patient Assessment is designed exclusively for you

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myDentalScore is PreViser’s new interactive tool for visitors to YOUR dental website

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With PreViser / DEPPA we have an extensive published evidence base on which we continue to build

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University Use

Dental schools across the UK/USA are using PreViser for undergraduate teaching

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Empower your patients
with PreViser

Personalised biofeedback for prevention and behaviour change.

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We provide PreViser
to Universities

Training their dental
students in oral
disease risk assessment

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Latest News

February 2017

CS R4+ now completely integrates with DEPPA.  Without requiring a separate login, you can view previous assessments from the clinical screen CS R4+ and either the appropriate records are updated or new patients files are automatically created. Patients can complete DEPPA questions on an easy to use tablet in the waiting room and receive a print out or an email copy of their examination (which is automatically recorded in a patient’s communication tab).  For further information, please call Carestream Dental on 0800 169 9692.

Watch the video here.

October 2016

Read the latest DEPPA newsletter on Carestream’s integration with DEPPA and our new Young DEPPA assessment for children aged up to 16.

August 2016

Our latest paper in the British Dental Journal  :

  • Presents evidence from a large group of patients (attending general dental practices) demonstrating that worsening oral health correlates with worsening general health
  • Provides further evidence from this group on the association between high-risk lifestyle factors such as smoking and heavy drinking and poor oral health outcomes

Learn more from Stephen Hancock’s audio summary here.

Sheila Scott, Dental Consultant

I think Previser is one of the most exciting things ever to have happened to dentistry in the UK. It helps clinicians diagnose perio risks, and gives them a clear, evidence based and externally verified route for recommendations to manage those risks. Patients love it, and its a huge practice builder. Please talk to Liz about getting Previser into your practice.

Sheila Scott, Dental Consultant
Sheila Scott, Dental Consultant
GDC Standard 2.3

Give patients the information they need in a way they can understand so that they can make informed decisions.

GDC Standard 2.3
GDC Standard 2.3
Stephen Hancocks, Editor in Chief British Dental Journal, BDJ 2014 Vol 216

In terms of securing behaviour change, this oral health status scoring measure provides us with a tool not only to use in a daily, pragmatic and systematic way but also now with a centralised data recording system and cross validation against the most recent Adult Dental Health Survey.

Stephen Hancocks, Editor in Chief British Dental Journal, BDJ 2014 Vol 216
Stephen Hancocks, Editor in Chief British Dental Journal, BDJ 2014 Vol 216